Cats Claw, AC-11 and DNA Repair

Close up shot of Uncaria tomentosaMeet Uncaria tomentosa – better known as Cats claw a native of the tropical rainforests of Peru and Brazil in South America.

It starts out as a scruffy looking little shrub on the rainforest floor, maturing into a twining, climbing, woody vine that can easily reach 30 meters in length as it makes its way to the rainforest canopy.

Uncaria gets is common name from the curving, thorns that emerge along the stem at the leaf axis which, naturally- look like the claws of a cat.¬† In South America it’s known as Una de Gato.
Like many rainforest plants, Cats-Claw has long been recognized by local Indians for its healing properties and as early as the 1980’s European researchers found indications that Uncaria could form a useful treatment for many degenerative conditions including Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, genital herpes, osteoarthritis, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Cats-claw was found to contain 4 alkaloids that act as immune system boosters by enhancing the half-life of white blood cells that fight infection and seemed to also improve their ability to function well (not just longer). Uncaria is also useful as an antioxidant and is demonstrated to have  powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties.
But what is most remarkable about Cats Claw, is that water extracts without the alkaloids present have been shown to support DNA repair. This exceptional property has been harnessed in a substance now known as AC-11 (R) and formerly known as C-Med-100 (R). Unlike other products that are sold as Cats-claw, AC-11(R) is the only product available that contains a patented class of CAE (Carboxy Alkyl Esters) actives shown by extensive research to have healthy aging and natural DNA repair enhancement properties.
In over 10 years of research AC-11 (R) a key ingredient in AIO and the Activar Skin Renewal System has been found to:

  • Activates enzymes that help the body’s natural ability to repair DNA
  • Measurably improves the natural collagen III production in the skin
  • Helps to normalize the production of NF-KB in the cells, which regulates the cellular response to inflammation.
  • Increases the life span of lymphocytes, thereby enhancing the immune system

AC-11 helps our body repair sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA and Ceregenex has incorporated these properties in two outstanding products.
AIO AIO – a breakthrough nutraceutical that combines AC-11 with a premium combination of natural ingredients including Niacin, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Carnosine, Amla, Acai, Blueberries, Camu camu, Mango, Acerola, Cherry and Pomegranate to target the nutrition and production of stem cells, support our immune systems, Repair DNA, support the collagen production in our skin and help our body to better manage inflammation.

products in the Activar Skin Care SystemActivar Skin Renewal System – Representing the future of skin care technology, and supported with over 13 years of scientific and clinical research the AC-11(R) in Activar has been shown to help skin repair the DNA damage caused by overexposure to the sun, pollution and stress.

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